Self-Leadership Coaching

Radical self-responsibility

In times of constant change, non-stop availability and high pressure to succeed, the key to sustainable success lies in an unshakeable & clear inner ORIENTATION. The way: Authentic self-awareness, a strong self-worth & unshakeable self-confidence.

Especially in stormy times and when visibility is poor, it is important to know your personal NORTHERN STAR. It gives you direction, security & self-confidence. Follow it and you will be rewarded with a fulfilled & happy life.

Between the status quo and your goal lies your hero's journey and the step over the threshold into a world that is still unknown to you today.

Differentiation from old patterns, get out of your comfort zone & into a new story


You experience again and again that the same issues trigger you & old blocks prevent you from living your dreams?

In this "Empowerment Ritual" based on systemic self-integration, you free yourself in eight steps from your old & stuck behavior patterns. You separate yourself from ego-alien parts like your survival strategy, get in touch with your true self and take full responsibility for your childlike self part.

The fastest way to write a new story!

Time commitment: 105 minutes


You are looking for clarity before making a life decision? You want to connect with "lost" visions? You feel a burnout approaching?

The TRUE NORTH Outdoor Coaching Expedition is a micro-heroic journey with the goal of stretching your comfort zone. It provides you with a ritual framework to initiate your change. A space to orient yourself internally, strengthen your self-worth and shift your personal state of being.

Two nights & two days in nature. In wind & weather. On the water in the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei.

Time commitment: 3 days


You want to change yourself sustainably? You are ready to leave limiting parts of your old identity behind & create new aspects?

TRUE NORTH Coaching is based on the narrative coaching approach & the change energy of the hero's journey. I give you a space where you can meet yourself. Safe, non-judgmental & appreciative. The focus is on recalibrating your old stories, the possibility to try out new things, to bring your gained potential directly on the road in everyday life.

Packages range from a single session over 3 months with 10 sessions to a year-long accompaniment with 30 sessions.

Time commitment: 3-12 months

Out of business as usual,
 into the life your are made for.

Your step over the threshold

Are you on the threshold of a new phase in your life and unsure how to proceed? You ask yourself how you can break through your old patterns to finally live your full potential.

Such transition phases are the perfect time to change something. In coaching, I use the hero's journey discovered by Joseph Campbell as a metaphor for one's own development and as a practical process-accompanying framework.

Each of us carries the potential of the "hero" within us. Everyone has the resources to recognise their life script, face their challenges & achieve their goals. Allow yourself to write the script for your future. Be brave and dare to make it your reality.

You are the director of your life. "And ACTION!"

Change happens when you do something differently tomorrow than you do today.


Self-Leadership Kompass

The TRUE NORTH coaching concept is divided into four areas: TIME, EMOTIONS, ORIENTATION & "ACTION!" During the process of change, your individual TRUE NORTH compass is your constant companion, which will reliably navigate you in the direction of your authentic self.


Intuitive time management is the basis for your change process. Only if you take time for your further development will something change.


The central aspect of emotion management is the perception of one's own feelings (as the motor of our behaviour) and the delimitation of survival strategies & limiting beliefs.


Orientation arises through the recollection of your very own values, strengths & feelings and the North Star navigation based on them.


ACTION! stands for pure implementation. Here it means putting the horsepower on the road. To leave fear behind and cross the threshold onto your own hero's journey.


Customer testimonials

A sovereign seminar leadership and moderation, which is fed by personality and many years of practical experience, underpinned with precisely fitting, theoretically derived and didactically well prepared tools, experienced and processed in an inspiring environment and in the midst of a heterogeneous group of like-minded people in the best sense of the word.

Hans-Georg Stavginsky

German Radiological Society

The workshop day flew by, but still has a long-lasting effect - because suddenly we see the world through the eyes of a storyteller and - even better - we now also have the tools to conceive stories in terms of content and film and to keep track of the numerous publication channels and production costs.

Petra Heidorn


Gerd is someone I can really only recommend for coaching, because he is able to tease out everything you actually want to find for yourself in a good, honest, funny and open way.

He has always done this well in interviews in the commercials and he has now also done a great job in the coaching field.

Michael Mühlöder

LPL Logistics

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